August Meeting as a Veritable Tool for Cervical Cancer Education for Women in South East Nigeria




Cervical cancer, education, risk factors, sensitization, South East, and symptoms


The study is on August Meeting as a veritable tool for Cervical Cancer Education for Women in South East Nigeria. It was
designed to examine how the August meeting period could be of help in educating women about cervical cancer. It was a
survey study and was guided by four basic research objectives. Consequently, four research questions were raised for the
study. A sample of 150 women was conveniently drawn from the five states that make up the south east. A researcher-made
structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire was validated by three experts drawn from
Odumegwu Ojukwu University in Anambra State with a Cronbach-Alpha reliability index of 0.87. Data obtained were
analyzed via the percentage using 50% as yardstick for acceptance. Results indicate that women in the south east are poor in
awareness about the causes, risk factors and symptoms of cervical cancer. Also it was gathered that the period of August
meeting will give the women the opportunity to educate themselves about cervical cancer using female medical experts
among others. It was recommended among other things that the government through the federal and state Ministries of
Health (MOH) should carry out intensive cervical cancer sensitization campaigns in the study area to enlighten women on
the disease, its symptoms and risk factors. The study concluded that the period of August meeting is ideal for educating
women in the South east about cervical cancer.

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Department of Research & General Studies NTA TV College Jos